1st June

While qualifying for the TT Dan and Nigel have been involved in a high speed accident at Bedstead Corner in final qualifying before the races. Dan was badly injured and was airlifted to Nobles Hospital while Nigel who was not as seriously injured was taken via ambulance. Nigel has a broken leg and has chipped a vertebrae, Dan has serious lower body injuries.

2nd June

Dan has undergone midnight surgery in order to save his left leg. It is badly smashed up and arteries have been damaged meaning insufficent blood was reaching the lower leg and foot. The hope was that by inserting a rod in the leg it will straighten and blood would then flow again correctly. Unfortunately the internal damage was too bad and a specialist needed to be flown in from the mainland. He has to remove arteries from the groin to fix the ones in the leg. Dan was in surgery for around 7 hours but the doctors are confident that the leg will now be saved.

Nigel was allowed to leave hospital after been kept in overnight. He must wear a collar to keep his neck injury stable and his leg is potted up. Dan's family have arrive from the mainland to be with him.

4th June

Dan has undergone further surgery to finish pinning his left leg and to pin and plate his hip and pelvis. Following this surgery Dan is much more comfortable as everything is more stable and does not give the same extreme pain when he is moved.

6th June

Dan was told he would be flown back to the mainland today so his family who had arrived on the island following the accident on Friday go home so that they can be there for him. Nigel also sails back to the mainland today. Unfortunately Dan does not get flown home in the end.

8th June

Once again Dan was told he would be flown back to the mainland today but unfortunately it seems that there is no bed for him back in Halifax. The treatment that he is getting at Douglas is superb and he is in the best place for now. There are still friends on the Isle of Man so he will not get lonely yet despite his family being at home.

13th June

Dan has been told that he should be flown home tomorrow but he will not know for sure until then. He has also been visited by one of the marshalls from Bedstead Corner who said that Dan was "the luckiest man alive". Apparently two ambulances arrived literally two minutes after the accident...it seems he was not helicoptered to hospital after all! Nigel still insists that Dan was helicoptered, but I would be more tempted to believe the man who hadn't just bounced down the road at 100 mph! ;-)

14th June

Dan has been airlifted back to the mainland and is now in hospital in Halifax. He is making very good progress.

18th June

Dan has been told that he needs to have another operation on his hip to pin it some more as the doctors are not happy with it at the moment. Hopefully this will happen tomorrow.

20th June

Dan has had his operation today and now has another six inch nail in him holding his hip together. He was in a fair amount of discomfort and was back on the morphine but hopefully that is his lot now as far as operations go.
Also, I have just got off the phone with a nice chap from Northern Ireland who took some photographs of the accident. He is going to send them to me and I will put them on the website for you to all to see. He has already sent a smaller version of one of them and it is really quite shocking. The photographer found me by spotting the website address on one of his photos of the bike as it came to rest at his feet. So there you go, sponsorship clearly works...there may be space for rent on a gleaming new fairing for next season...

27th June

Dan continues to make good progress, but there is no news yet of when he will be allowed home. He has been told he will need a skin graft on the main damage to his leg as the hole is a bit too big for the skin to get back across by itself apparently.

28th June

Dan has actually been out of bed today nad has shuffled a bit with a zimmer frame to aid his balance. It is very hard work and he is knackered after just a few minutes.

6th July

Happy 60th birthday to Dan. Today is 5 weeks since the accident and he is still in hospital but hopefully he will be home soon. UPDATE: He has been let out.

7th July

Unfortunately Dan has be re-admitted to hospital as early this morning he suffered a pulmonary embolism. He has been having regular injections while in hospital to prevent blood clots but was not given anything when he was sent home - apparently he has just been unlucky.

10th July

Dan has been let out again - let us hope it is for keeps this time. He has been prescribed rat poison to thin his blood - really!.

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